Frankfurt to Chemnitz Germany

Saturday 9th November, 2019
What a day. All went well early, we checked Lisa in at Singapore Airlines and dropped off her bags. We then went back to the Starbucks near our hotel where Lisa ordered breakfast and I went and collected my bags from the hotel. After a quick breakfast Lisa went with me to the train station which was located in the Terminal 1 of the airport. Very convenient. All was going according to plan, it was 9am, I was at the correct platform, at the right spot for my assigned carriage and seat, when with 2 minutes till my train’s arrival there was an announcement in German and all the people started to move towards the elevator. I stopped lady who explained our train was coming in on Platform 7 now. So off we went, to a waiting train on the platform, in haste I jumped on the wrong train and the doors closed. I asked an off duty train guard was this train headed to Leipzig, her reply was No. I then said well I need to get off the train then. She said you can’t, you will have to catch the train to Mainz 12 minutes away and catch one back. I was quite distressed as I obviously would miss my train to Leipzig. She showed no sympathy, just saying there was nothing I could do. So I stood looking out the window at the station I could not get off at for another few minutes. Oh well, just go with it I must. When the guard came to check my ticket, the off duty guard explained in German what had happened. Even though I had a Faresaver (unchangeable, non-refundable) ticket, he showed me what to do when I arrived at Mainz (I took a photo of the train numbers and route I would be taking) and was very understanding. He couldn’t guarantee another guard wouldn’t make me pay but said as it was a genuine mistake I should be OK. Oh well, another lesson learned, take your time (even wen you have none), ask questions, and as Benny would say “Check the App”, which when I calmed down and sat down for my 12 minute journey in the wrong direction, it explained my train was delayed 9 mins. Oops.

I then had an uneventful trip back to Frankfurt airport, then on the Leipzig, changing trains and then on to Chemnitz, where Benny met me at 4.25pm, 2 hours later than expected but still in time for Swan Lake that night. The ballet was amazing again, this time he played the role of a soldier. It was a most enjoyable night.

Lisa had an uneventful, although very lengthy journey through customs and immigration, she said the crowds were extreme. Lucky she had plenty of time as her boarding time was 10.40am for an 11.40am departure. There were many stressed people rushing to try and get through a process that cannot change. She was very grateful that she was not one of them. Unfortunately she still had 24 hours of travel via Singapore to Sydney. Thanks Lisa for a fantastic few weeks.