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Warrumbungle National Park Adventure – Day 3

Monday 3rd May 2021
Our last day of this adventure was a quick hike up and around Beloughery Split Rock 5km track, up 332m, down 277m over boulders, up cliff faces and across ledges. A little challenge to work us into our next adventure. We had a lovely morning out in the fresh air with great company in the Warrumbungle National Park. After a quick lunch we headed on our way home, a long drive to go, arriving home way after dark. A great adventure had by all and we are already planning the next one. Stay tuned!

Warrumbungle National Park Adventure – Day 2

Sunday 2nd May 2021
Another cracking day. We made a quick dash partway up the track to Bluff Mountain to enjoy the sunrise. Unfortunately we had too big a day to continue to the top so headed back down for breakfast. Then after packing up our camp and re-loading our packs we headed on our way at 8.50am. A little earlier today as we had another big day of walking ahead. We hiked up to Dogma camp where we had a little morning tea before leaving our big packs and heading to Mt Exmouth Summit with a drink, a jacket and our lunch. As the name indicates it was a decent hike uphill to some more amazing views and an enjoyable lunch break at the top. We then hiked back to Dogma camp, collected our heavy packs and headed back down the hill to the carpark.

Another big day of walking – 16.92km, 7hrs 52mins elevation loss 903m, elevation gain 497, maximum altitude 1214m.

Warrumbungle National Park Adventure – Day 1

Saturday 1st May 2021
Well, time for our first overnight hike since my heart surgery. How will I go is the big question. We have joined a few friends this time – Ange and Alice from the surf club and Alice’s brother Will. We are looking forward to an amazing couple of days hiking.

The weather was perfect for hiking, the sun shone brightly and the company was great. We headed off at 9.45 for what was to be a big day, with many hill climbs and heavy packs. Our first big climb was to Macha Tor and Febar Tor lookouts where we saw our first good views of the Breadknife. We then hiked up to Balor Hut, which was a pretty hard slog. We decided to leave our packs at the junction of Balor Hut track and the main track and head up to the Breadknife and Grand High Tops with just a lunch pack. This made for a much more pleasant hike even though it meant back tracking a bit, this was definitely one of my better ideas. After an enjoyable walk with plenty of time to enjoy the views, we headed back down to Balor Hut, refilled some water bottles from the tank and made out way to Dows Camp for the night.

A great day followed by an enjoyable night by the fire. Well I survived my first heavy pack hike after heart surgery.

13.56km 6hrs 57mins, elevation loss 347m, elevation gain 794m, maximum altitude 794m.