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Chemnitz to Sydney

Sunday 1st December 2019
Chemnitz to Dresden to Prague to Dubai to Sydney to Davistown.
Time estimate is 30 hours to Sydney, all going well.

Well it is time to travel home an only 1.5 hours sleep. I so could not go to sleep last night. In the end I just got up at 5.45am before my 6am alarm. Showered, dressed and packing finalised we were on our way to the station at 6.49am. It was very cold outside so I was rugged up. 2 thermal bottoms, jeans, thermal top, long sleeve tshirt, jumper, tortoise shell jacket and rain/wind jacket, woollen scarf and headband. Ready for a very cold day, in hindsight I wasn’t outside too much so I could have left some of the clothes off.

Benny walked with me to Chemnitz train station for our 7.30am departure and he is escorting me to Dresden to ensure I get on the right train to Prague. All going well, I think I have learned my lesson on jumping on trains without checking first. I didn’t chat to Benny much before we got on the train as he only had his coffee at the station. Lesson learnt – he needs a coffee to communicate. We had a pleasant chat and ride to Dresden, arriving on time at 8.50am for a 9.10am departure. All went well. Benny helped me on the train and I was on my way again. The first solo travel for me since 21st October. All went well on the train to Prague and I had decided at Ben’s suggestion t just catch a taxi to the airport as it only costs about 20-25 euro. When I arrived at the taxi rank I just checked with the driver before getting in the cab that he would take euro. He asked where to and when I told him the international airport he showed me a schedule of fares and said it was 72 euro. Playing on the unsuspecting tourist. I say “No thank you, it is only about 25 euro”. He immediately said well 50 euro. I also said no and walked back in to the train station. Another taxi driver followed me out and said he would do it for 30 euro. I had had enough so said No to him as well. He walked and I walked out to the front of the station. I could have caught another train for minimal cost 60CZK but they advised it was expected to be jam packed, standing room only for a 35 minute trip. So I decided on an Uber. I walked down the street for easy access to the Uber, booked it and it cost 373CZK which equals 24AUD, only 14 euro. Boy was I happy with that. It is so wrong that the cab drivers prey on unsuspecting tourists. But I am getting wiser. The Uber guy was really nice so I even tipped him as I was quite relieved to not be ripped off.

Arrival at Prague airport was then non eventful, checkin was smooth only 0.2kg overweight with no extra charge. Passport control had a long queue, but all in all ver smooth. I am now sitting at Prague airport, minus a couple of layers and ready for a little snooze.