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Pambula River – Mt Imlay National Park – NSW

Saturday 13th February 2021
It was to be another big day. As always Broady’s Tours delivers a jam packed day of adventure.

We started the day with a paddle in the Pambula River, heading away from the ocean. The water was smooth and the wind quite calm for the first 30mins or so. Then up she came, making for a more difficult paddle than we would have liked. The water was very clean and clear albeit a little choppy from the wind. We paddled for about an hour upstream and then turned so we still had time to do Part 2 of our adventure. But before that a few little waves in the rivermouth as it was a lot smoother than yesterday. Still not quite the right tide but fun all the same.

We then headed in to shore for a quick lunch, a stop at the Oyster factory for tonight’s treat and then an hour drive to Mt Imlay National Park which is just near Eden and southwest of Kiah.

Today’s hike to Mt Imlay summit was a tough one. It was 600m elevation over 3km. Up, up, up we go. My heart showed it’s improvement since my surgery. I was able to hike up for 1km without a rest, an amazing feat considering the struggles I went through in Tassie before the surgery. Yay me!!. David couldn’t believe how much easier it was for me and realised how difficult it had been on that holiday. We had a view most of the way as there was significant damage from the fires, pretty much eliminating most of the trees foliage. It took about 1.5hours to climb to the top which shows you how steep it was as it was only 3km in distance. After a half hour at the top enjoying the view, we then descended in just over an hour. It was another enjoyable afternoon.

Now the drive home for my yummy oysters. And they were delicious. Some of the best oysters I have ever eaten.

Tomorrow we head home via the coast road.

Merimbula to Davistown NSW

Sunday 14th February 2021
An elongated drive home via many off shoots including Bermagui, Narooma, Kianga, Potato Point and then a quick visit to Aunty Alison at Milton. We then headed home through Kangaroo Valley and on the freeway for as far as we could go. The North Connex adding to the free flow of traffic. A big day of driving. 568km. Woohoo, we made it.

Jindabyne to Pambula and Merimbula, NSW

Friday 12th February 2021
We had a lovely drive today as usual along roads less travelled from Jindabyne to Merimbula.  We drove through some rain but all in all it was a lovely drive. We arrived at Pambula river mouth and decided to book some accommodation for the night. Unfortunately this was wrought with troubles as Daniel Andrews had just announced the Victorian border would be closed and Victorians were entering a strict 5 day lockdown due to another Covid 19 outbreak. The accommodation was going quicker than I could click the button. We eventually managed on our 3rd attempt to secure somewhere at Merimbula for the night. After checking in we decided to extend our stay as the accommodation had pretty much dried up in the last hour. We luckily could secure the room we were in for a 2nd night.

Then off we go to catch some waves at the Pambula river mouth. This was a very tricky paddle in very windy, conditions. I managed to stay on but definitely struggled with the conditions, sometimes holding on with my legs straddling the ski and catching the wave sideways. We caught waves for about 45mins and as the last wave I almost fell off out the back in the fading light, I decided that was enough for the day. It was great to have survived the paddle without losing my ski.

We then decided to have dinner out before the Victorians arrived. We went to the Merimbula Wharf Restaurant and Aquarium. Dinner was nice but we were a little disappointed as our chosen meals from the menu online weren’t on the menu. DB had fish and chips and I had a seafood linguine. We finished with a yummy raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake to share.

North Kosciuszko National Park

Thursday 11th February 2021
Today we decided to explore the North End of Kosciuszko National Park via Alpine Way, back through Adaminiby (where we would have stayed the night if accommodation was available), along Snowy Mountains Hwy to Coolamine Homestead and via Long Plain Road to Clarke’s Gorge and Blue Waterholes campground.

We had a lovely drive and walk in the National Park and then headed to the Yarrangobilly Caves but unfortunately we couldn’t go in the caves as they had suffered flooding in the 100mm downpour last Friday. So we will leave this until next time.

We headed home the same way and didn’t get home to the caravan park until after 7pm. So another long day.

Alpine Way Loop – Drive – Kosciuszko National Park

Wednesday 10th February 2021
Today we were resting our legs from our big hike yesterday and plan for a loop drive along the Alpine Way returning via Adaminiby. The initial plan was to stay at Adaminiby but unfortunately there is no accommodation available due to workers from the Snowy Hydro stage 2 construction and National Park fire repair work.

Alice and I started the day with a little paddle on Lake Jindabyne before Alice headed on her way back home. The little adventure here was just what she needed after leaving her daughter at uni in Canberra.

Dave and I then went and did a quick 3km swim training session at Thredbo Leisure Centre before having lunch.

We then headed off at about 2.45pm for our scenic loop drive. We travelled 297km today and arrived back at Jindabyne Discovery Park cabin at almost 8.30pm. A very big day as usual. 

Mt Kosciuszko Summit – Main Range Hike – Mt Kosciuszko National Park

Tuesday 9th February 2021
Well we need an early start today as the Main Range loop trail including Kosciuszko Summit is 22km without any side tracks. So we were organised early and on our way by 7.45am. We had an hour drive to Charlotte’s Pass where the walk begins. Should be on the track by about 9am. Yeehah us!!

We spent an amazing 7 hours and 20 minutes walking the 24km Main Range loop from Charlotte Pass, with a side track to Blue Lake and Mt Kosciuszko summit. We passed Mt Townsend in the distance (another adventure to be had there), Lake Albina and walked via Rawsons Pass back to the start at Charlotte Pass.

We then drove back to our home at East Jindabyne for a lovely evening with Alice. We so love being back walking in the wilderness.

Jindabyne NSW

Monday 8th February 2021
As always the lead up to any holiday is fraught with obstacles. This year we had patrol on Saturday, followed by SLS CC Branch Titles all day Sunday and true to form David was still working on a car modification (the 2nd battery) the morning we were to leave. We were finally ready and on our way at 1.30pm. ETA Jindabyne was 7pm without any stops. Oh well a late dinner once again.

We finally arrived at 7.45pm and Alice joined us at about 9pm after leaving Zoe at Canberra University. A little Broadbent tour to boost her spirits before heading home.