Bacharach to Frankfurt, Germany

Friday 8th November 2019
Well it is Lisa’s last day in Germany today. We will jam pack another day full of sightseeing before heading to Frankfort Airport hotel.

So we started today at Bacharach in The Rhein Valley, a quaint little town of mediaeval style buildings and are continuing down the left bank of the Rhein River to Koblenz just enjoying the scenery, looking at the many castles and the beautiful countryside along the way. We were going to stop at a few castles but decided to just look at them in the distance as getting to them was a bit of a challenge. We stopped at Koblenz which was our turn around point. We went for a walk around the waterfront where the Rhein meets the Mosel and Lahn Rivers. We had a walk around the old town and into a shopping centre. Here I managed to buy some make-up so when my buddy leaves tomorrow I don’t look too much like an old hag as I forgot to bring mine.

After a quick lunch we repacked our bags in the carpark ready for our drop off at the airport. We then headed up the other side of the Rhein River towards Rudesheim. This side wasn’t quite as nice as the other, the towns were a little larger, not as quaint or old world charm and the view a little blocked by the trees. It was all still lovely in parts and we enjoyed the views. We finished off at a Panoramic viewpoint above Rudesheim which overlooked the Rhein Valley and was where the Niederwalddenkmal monument was built.

“In the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley there is a castle to be found every 2.5 kilometres on average, with over 40 of them still more or less intact. Many can be seen along the riverbanks and hilltops, and a lot of them are open to visitors. The vast majority of these castles, however,are relatively recent constructions of the 19th and 20th century. Most medieval castles had become ruins due to destruction and abandonment, and had fallen into disrepair. During the age of Romanticism in the 19th century, many ruins were then rebuilt and remodelled, e.g. Rheinstein, Reichenstein, Stahleck, Sooneck, Katz and Maus, and Lahneck. Stolzenfels Castle, which can be seen just across the river from Marksburg Castle, too, is a significant Romantic creation – but at the same time, it is not a proper castle anymore. There are very few exceptions such as Pfalzgrafenstein and of course Marksburg Castle that have survived the centuries without destruction and which today provide us with a glance back into previous centuries.”

It was about 3.15pm when we left the Rhein Valley to head towards Frankfurt Airport. An hour drive on a couple of autobahns. Help Me!!

It was very busy but all went well until we got close to the airport, the in car navigation went to sleep and was woken in German (OOPSS!) and google maps didn’t quite give as much information on lane guidance, therefore I took a wrong turn and headed 3km away from the airport. Oh well, luckily it can navigate me back. On finding my way back to the hotel I dropped Lisa with 2 large luggage bags, 2 duffel bags, 2 shopping bags and her back pack. I was stopped in half a taxi spot so couldn’t help her. I then had to try and find the Europcar rental return, supposedly at Terminal 1. I managed to find Terminal 1 and as I took the turn towards it I saw a sign for the car rental return at Terminal 2, luckily I couldn’t get to it as when I drove a bit further the Terminal 1 Car Rental sig was there. After dropping the car off I made my way back through the airport to the hotel with just my back pack to meet Lisa. We then sorted our bags and decided against a 20min train ride into the city for dinner in favour of doing a reconnaissance of the train station and airport check-in for tomorrow and a leisurely dinner in the hotel.

A good decision. Our last night together was very relaxed and we were ready for our separate journeys tomorrow.