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Time to travel again – Sydney to Dubai

We are now sitting in Dubai airport waiting to board to Amsterdam.

After finally getting to bed at midnight on Tuesday night for a 1.5 hour sleep we had an interesting trip down to the airport. Roadworks everywhere, harbour tunnel closed. Taxi waiting at gate to car parking station when we arrived which put the pressure on even though he was early. Forgot to tell DB to scan barcode for prepaid parking, taxi driver ignored what i wanted him to do, me as usual not forthright in my instructions which ended in a $75 cab ride to the terminal. Lucky DB’s understanding and just said oh well.
Plane trip was long (14 hrs) but the gluten and dairy free meals were good and i got fed before everyone else. We arrived in Dubai at 2pm local time, were transferred to hotel, fed and then headed out on a 2 hour tour.
The heat here knocks you over as soon as you head outside. My glasses fog and it is really quite uncomfortable. We went to the beach, a mosque, a rich suburb, the most expensive hotel, the tallest hotel, the biggest shopping centre. Everything here is bigger and better, even the advertising on the sides of the road are mammoth.
The water at the beach was about 30′ just right for DB. To live in the rich suburb cost between 100-150k per year. One of the hotels costs between $1000 and $9000 per night.

Anyway, it was really good to get out and see a little of the city. The traffic was continuous and roadways at least 6 lanes each way.

After the tour we got ready for dinner. I fell asleep whilst DB was showering and was comatose. David  couldn’t wake me so he went to dinner alone. I slept all night.