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Davistown, NSW

Wednesday 14th December 2022

After finally arriving home at 2.45am after 30 hours travel,I was still wide awake at 4.30am, so I decided to take a long walk around one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Port Douglas, QLD – Day 1

Tuesday 3rd August 2021
A quiet day today. A bit of Olympics, a read by the pool and a walk this afternoon.

Tomorrow we are hoping to hike to Mt Sorrow, as long as we don’t find any new ticks tonight. A difficult 8.8km return hike up a 900m elevation. Eeeekkk! We will need to start early as it is almost 2 hr drive there to start the walk.  Wish us luck!

Uralla NSW Weekend – Day 2

Sunday 19th July 2020
Well it was a beautifully warm and cosy night in our little cottage. We woke to very cold temperatures this morning, only 3.4°C with ice on the car and frost on the grass. Very chilly.

After a lovely morning of sunshine and relaxation we headed on our day of exploration at about 9.30am. We drove to Dangarsleigh where we are going for a very long walk in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park along the Salisbury Waters Trail.

The track starts from and returns to Dangars Falls picnic area. Veering off the McDirtys walking track we went to Mihi Falls lookout, then Macleay Lookout, then went down a very steep descent (about 400m down over 2.2km), where you get to see the unique dry rainforest up close at Salisbury Waters where we enjoyed our picnic lunch. It was too cold for a swim in the crystal clear pool but we loved the breathtaking views of the gorges from the ground up. After our lunch it was time for the tough climb out, my first big uphill hike since my heart surgery, I counted the steps up allowing myself a break to catch my breath every 100-150 steps, it was a tough slog. Once at the top we enjoyed a beautiful walk along the ridge line of the gorge, had a snack with a beautiful view and then took the side track to Sarum Hill lookout. We only left one lookout uncharted as we were running low on daylight and decided this was the closest to the start should we ever return to complete the walk – this was McDirty’s Lookout. Maybe we will see you next time.

We also went to Rock Wallaby lookout, Dangar Falls Lookdown and Falls Lookout. All in all it was a very enjoyable day and I believe my heart is in pretty good shape, albeit lacking fitness. We hiked 18.42km over 5:50 hours gaining 893m in elevation it was a tough walk.

We then headed back to our little cottage again arriving just on sunset for a lovely home cooked meal by me!


Split Rock, Warrumbungles National Park

Friday 5th April 2019
After an average night’s sleep for me, surprisingly, as I was very tired last night. We got away a bit later today for a shorter hike of Belougery Split Rock loop. We started about 10.15am and walked for 2.5hrs for 5kms. Again the hike was mostly uphill to the top of Split Rock and then down most of the way back. The views were again amazing and we were grateful for the shorter hike today as our legs were very weary. We again had our lunch at the top and followed this walk with a visit to the Siding Springs Observatory.

Siding Spring Observatory (SSO), on the edge of the Warrumbungle National Park near Coonabarabran, NSW, is Australia’s premier optical and infrared astronomical observatory. It was a very interesting little visit although as you would expect David was disappointed not to be able to look through the telescope. Oh well, he had to be happy just looking. It was Dark Sky week and the stars were amazing each night at the campsite.

Happy Mothers Day from Karijini NP

Sunday 13th May 2018
Wishing both our Mum’s a very happy Mother’s Day.
All our Love
Fiona and David


Thursday 11th May
Rest day at last. We were both so exhausted, neither of us woke until 8.30am. We both had breakfast in bed and I also had lunch in bed. Just what the doctor ordered as I was absolutely wrecked. I just read and did some blogging. It was a little slice of heaven.

Just as I thought we were staying in all day, DB said. Do you want to go for a drive. So much for a full rest day. So off we went for a drive to Godley Head Park and Lyttleton Port. It was very pretty. As we were driving around the mountain (the roads were just like on Corsica – narrow, winding, blind corners and drop of about 200m) the fog came in very quickly, we were rushing against it to catch a couple of photos. It was lovely. We saw a beautiful sunset. We then drove to Lyttleton Port which was exactly that, an industrial port, lots of logged timber to be transported.

Then on the way home we stopped to get some provisions for tomorrow’s hike. Our last adventure before we head home on Sunday. We are all packed ready to go early tomorrow morning. Yay!!