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Tewantin to Australia Zoo to Kirra Beach

Friday October 27, 2017
We packed up again this morning and headed to Noosa Beach to see our walk from a distance. Boy was it a long way!

It was very windy and the water was dirty from the rain, so we decided against a paddle or a swim and headed off to Australia Zoo. DB has wanted to go to the Zoo every time we have gone passed this area but never made it before today.

We really enjoyed it, the animals looked healthy, the enclosures were quite open and it had a really nice feel to it. There weren’t too many people. We saw quite a few animals up close and personal which was really great.

Well, we are on the move again down the coast to Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast. Hopefully we can get a few waves tomorrow.

Cooloola Great Walk, Sunshine Coast – Day 1 and Day 2

Wednesday October 25, 2017
We started today with a trip to The Qld National Parks Office. Decision – 3 day hike from Tewantin towards Rainbow Beach on the Cooloola Great Walk. Day 1 – 21km. Tewantin to Brahminy Camp. This was by ferry, 2.4km road and 18 in the bush, with some on the beach as well. We saw fantails and a rocket frog. We were just talking about whether the tracks we had seen in the sand were snakes or lizards. I was leading and was lucky DB was looking further ahead as I hadn’t seen the scariest of all wildlife, a 6 foot eastern brown snake sunning itself in the middle of the track. Lesson learned – you have to look further afield than your immediate footfall area. We stopped and watched, it looked over at us and then slithered away. A scary reminder about hiking this late in the year. DB then led for the rest of the day. The vegetation was a little uninteresting except for grass trees and some banksia. We made it to Brahminy Campsite just in time for sunset which was beautiful.  It was a big day 21km 5:50 hike with full packs. We setup with the mozzies our only company for the night. After getting organised we decided the new tent will be the lightest one possible and more than likely a 3 man so we can fit our packs inside.

Thursday October 26, 2017
Well, after a very disturbed sleep in our solitary camp site Brahminy Walkers Camp, we had a couple of decisions to make. Pack up and head home due to the wild storms predicted or head off for a day walk and come back to the same spot. We decided we had the worst night sleep due to lack of pillows, cold and new sleeping mat, the weather was to be ghastly, and our snake encounter we decided we would head back. Cutting our adventure by a day. Disappointing but probably the safest option. So after a quiet breakfast, and an attempt to see the sunrise as we had been awake since 4am, we packed up and were on our way. 20km to go, temperature forecast 33’. Destination Tewantin. We trekked the first 6km through the bush and then headed the next 8km on the beach, stopping for a swim when required. It was hot, hot, hot. At the 14km mark it was time to make another decision – bush, beach or road. We decided road as we had been walking on the beach for at least 2 hours, the bush was a bit risky – so after an ice block and refilling our water off we went. Not the 2nd day hike we planned but preferred to be safe.

Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Monday October 23, 2017
It rained a little through the night as forecast and we had a few sprinkles in the morning. Decision time. And we did it. Time to move on. We packed up in record time. 1 hour 19 mins. Then off to the ferry we go. Now where to next. First stop Brisbane camping shops. We got our hiking backpacks last week now all we need is tent and mattress.  After going to all the shops we finally bought our mattresses. Yay us. We decided tents still needed some more research and thought so if we go overnight hiking we will have to take our other tent which is about 3.7kg. Oh well. Now where to? Sunshine Coast hinterland. We were arriving late so we will stay tonight at Montville Holiday apartments. They are quite nice and worked well for us.

Tuesday October 24, 2017
What to do. Decisions are always a struggle. We headed to tourist info and decided on a day walk. First leg of the Sunshine Coast hinterland great walk. Barroon Lake to Kondalilla Falls. 11.5km 3hrs 45mins. It was a nice walk with amazing blackbutt trees, waterfalls, some birds and water dragons. We finished the walk at about 3.30pm. Then DB had to ride the bike 9km to pick up the car. Leg burning hill to start with then mostly downhill.

We were hoping to climb Mt Ngungun in the Glass House Mountains to watch the sunset but times we had read said we wouldn’t make it as it was a 48 min drive and an hour hike to the top and by now it was almost 5pm and sunset was 6.01pm. We decided to just head in that direction as I was keen to see the mountains in daylight as we drove passed them last night in the dark. As we were driving I was reading a blog about hiking my Ngungun which said it was only 25min leisurely stroll to the top do maybe if we walked fast and ran s bit we might make it.  Oh well we will give it a shot.

We arrived at the car park at 5.45pm. 16mins till sunset. We took off up the hill. A 1.4km uphill track and rock climb to the summit as the sun sets quickly. It was am adrenaline burst of energy. I made it to the top at 6.03pm but was still in time to watch a lovely view albeit without  the sun. We then scrambled down the rocks before the light was gone and hiked the rest in the dark. Our new head torches are amazing. A great day.

Now off to the Sunshine Coast. We managed a late check in to Noosa Holiday Park. We started setting up our tent at about 9.15pm.  We really need to get better at this.

Coolangatta and North Stradbroke Island

Tuesday October 17- Thursday 19, 2017
Coolangatta. A quiet, restful, dry experience.

Surf too messy, big and windy but perfect for shopping, rest, reading and movies. We are now heading for North Stradbroke Island camping for a few days.

Thursday October 19, 2017
North Stradbroke Island. Ferry ride to North Stradbroke Island and time to setup camp at Cylinders Beach. In the dry. Yay. We have a lovely spot overlooking the beach. We headed off for a walk to Point Lookout and followed to North Gorge. It ended up being over 2 hours. It was very beautiful and we arrived back at sunset. Very pretty.  

Friday October 20, 2017
We went for an early walk before breakfast towards Adder Rock campground. Also very beautiful. We had a swim in the calm waters of Adder Rock and then walked back. Our usual we were gone for 2.5 hrs. Went to Brown Lake wasn’t so brown. Then hiked to Blue Lake. Wasn’t so blue. Had a swim then hiked back 6.5km round trip. Went back to camp and went for a walk to get an ice cream. Another 5 km walk. All in a day for the Broadbent adventurers.

Saturday October 21, 2017
Kristen and Brucie’s birthday.
A wet day in the tent. Poohoo!! A well earned rest day.

Sunday October 22, 2017
We woke to a nice morning. We went for a board paddle (waves) for 1.25 hrs before breakie. Amazing how quickly you lose skills when you don’t play for a while. A 12km ski paddle almost to Amity Point and back with waves before, after and along the way. A rest and read after lunch and a 7km loop walk to the Gorge again for gelato and sorbet. Yummy!!

It’s almost decision time again. Will we leave tomorrow or not. Rain and thunderstorms forecast. We would love to have a paddle before we pack up but only time will tell.

Rainbow Bay and Lamington National Park

Monday October 9 – Friday October 13, 2017
Time for a little R and R. Some tennis, ski and board paddling, body surfing, swimming. A lovely few days at our favourite little apartment at Rainbow Bay. (Bayview).

Friday October 13, 2017
Decision time. Where to go. Weather was forecast for rain so we postponed North Stradbroke Island for a few days and headed to Binna Burra in the Lamington National Park. My decision as I thought it might be nice to go for a hike or two.  We arrived and set up late today as we wanted to buy a few camping things but not too late. Still a little daylight left. A nice little campsite in the bush.

Saturday October 14, 2017
Lamington National Park, Gold Coast hinterland.

We set off early 8;45am on a 19km/8 hour hike. Coomera Cirrcuit. We saw a bush wallaby within the first 10 mins, then some birds and Pop even heard a catbird. The track was amazing. One of the best we have ever walked. The rainforest and waterfalls were beautiful and the temperature very pleasant for hiking. We got rained on a couple of times but even that was ok as we had out wet weather gear. We extended the loop a bit by adding in Dacelo Lookout (no view as very foggy). We then went along the Hogwee track bypassing the mountain climb as too foggy and finished off along Tungawal loop to the finish. We got back about 3:30pm. Only 6.5hrs. We had a cuppa at the tea house and headed back to camp. At about 5pm the heavens opened up and the forecast rain came down in torrents.

Sunday October 15, 2017
The weather is feral. It rained heavy all night although we still managed to stay dry. Decision time. Our favourite. To stay or pack up wet gear. My choice to stay.  DB not sure but s bit more in favour of going. I think. We procrastinated so long it was too late to pack up. We were still deciding at 11 and we should have been packed up by 10. That showed we weren’t in a hurry to pack up. Oh well what to do but go back to bed and read. We went for lunch and a cuppa at the cafe to have a change of scenery. Great rest.

Monday October 16, 2927
It rained very heavily last night. Lucky we put the gazebo over our tent as I think we would have been in all sorts of trouble. 100mm of rain in 24hrs. How to go about packing up. Everything was so wet. Lucky for is the rain eased off to a drizzle. We managed to pack up and head for dry and comfort. Next stop Coolangatta apartment Bella Mare for 3 nights to recover.

Coolangatta Gold 2017

Saturday October 7, 2017
Coolangatta Gold Short Course Race Day

Nerves, nerves and more nerves. The weather and conditions have improved but still a strong southerly blowing making conditions a bit messy and a struggle on the way back for each leg. Oh well. What will be will be.

The race started for us at 8.10am in the 5th wave. After the elite men, then elite women, 19 men and women, 35-49 men and women who started at 7:30am. We were followed by 2 more waves. Open teams, and then masters teams 20 mins after us. My aim was to try and get home before the last of the teams. It was a tough ski paddle. A bit messy and a very strong wind on the return leg. 36mins up 54 mins back. I was passed by many teams but finished the ski leg ahead of 2 of the 50+ men. Then for a 200m soft sand run and then what was supposed to be a 2km swim (ended up being 3km-not nice). This took me 1:06hrs – a very long time. The 3km board paddle was ok and then the 5.5km run was not that great. Starting with 200m soft sand and finishing with 200m soft sand. I ran most if the way. walked about1.5km I think. Very slow 51mins. Anyway I made it and came 2nd in 4:12 hours. The only other 50+ female beat me by an hour. I also beat a 50+ male by 25mins. Yay I didn’t came last.  DB came 3rd in a time of 2:53hrs. Great result.

Sunday October 8, 2017
Coolangatta Gold Long Course Race Day
Great conditions for today’s race.

Guy Andrews 1st 40+
Paul Lemmon 1st 50+

Combined Avocas 3rd 190+ Steve Hudson, Tony Curran, Mark Felton and Jeff Smith.  Another great day.

Life on the Road. October 2017

Wednesday October 4, 2017
We headed off to Sth West Rocks for the first night with Jim and Jackie. Had a nice night.

Thursday October 5, 2017
South West Rocks. After packing up and having a play on the ski we headed of to Bellingen. A nice cafe lunch then a visit to Slim. He is doing a lot better than expected and was really happy for the visit. Then on to Woody Head Iluka. A very crowded national park campground but adequate all the same.

Friday October 6, 2017
Woody Head. After a walk around the rocks to the beach and a little swim we headed on our way to Coolangatta. Our destination for the next week and our big race. On arrival we went and checked out the course, bad idea. I started getting nervous and questioned my sanity as always doing such s race. The weather and conditions were terrible. What on earth was I thinking. We checked in and then started to get organised. Kazzie arrives, dinner, race numbers, nerves, drinks and food for the race, nerves, DB still getting organised, nerves. Hopefully tomorrow brings a better day.