Great Keppel Island, QLD – Day 1

Saturday 9th September 2023
Today we are heading to Great Keppel Island for a few days rest. It was an early start as we were leaving by boat from Keppel Bay Marina at 7.30am. We went by boat with Keppel Connections and it took just 30 mins to get to Great Keppel Island. We arrived at the same time as the larger boat – Freedom Fast Cats. The water was again the most spectacular blue and very clear. We were met at the beach by Annette from Great Keppel Island Holiday Village where we have a double room with shared bathroom for the next three nights. A little luxury before we head home.

We walked through the bush to Long Beach which was as its name indicates, a long beach. The water was a beautiful aquamarine colour and quite smooth. We enjoyed the walk along the beach and then headed up through some bushland again to reach Monkey Beach. This had a coral reef not too far out and we went for a snorkel. David only lasted about 20mins but I managed just over an hour. The difference being I have my wetsuit here and wore it as well as a stinger suit. David is just too skinny and needs more clothes. We saw so many fish today including Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Parrotfish, the shy Longfin Rockcod, Chinese Demoiselle, Moon Wrasse, Blackeye Thicklip and some beautiful giant fluted clams in a variety of colours. Just as I was about to return to the beach I saw and Green Sea Turtle and swam with it for about 20 mins. I was so lucky, it was amazing. I love the experience of sharing their environment with them. We then enjoyed some rest time on Monkey Beach, it was so peaceful with very few visitors venturing this far., Most of the other snorkellers have left.

We then walked up to the lookout and then back to the Village. We have had a lovely day.