Pambula River – Mt Imlay National Park – NSW

Saturday 13th February 2021
It was to be another big day. As always Broady’s Tours delivers a jam packed day of adventure.

We started the day with a paddle in the Pambula River, heading away from the ocean. The water was smooth and the wind quite calm for the first 30mins or so. Then up she came, making for a more difficult paddle than we would have liked. The water was very clean and clear albeit a little choppy from the wind. We paddled for about an hour upstream and then turned so we still had time to do Part 2 of our adventure. But before that a few little waves in the rivermouth as it was a lot smoother than yesterday. Still not quite the right tide but fun all the same.

We then headed in to shore for a quick lunch, a stop at the Oyster factory for tonight’s treat and then an hour drive to Mt Imlay National Park which is just near Eden and southwest of Kiah.

Today’s hike to Mt Imlay summit was a tough one. It was 600m elevation over 3km. Up, up, up we go. My heart showed it’s improvement since my surgery. I was able to hike up for 1km without a rest, an amazing feat considering the struggles I went through in Tassie before the surgery. Yay me!!. David couldn’t believe how much easier it was for me and realised how difficult it had been on that holiday. We had a view most of the way as there was significant damage from the fires, pretty much eliminating most of the trees foliage. It took about 1.5hours to climb to the top which shows you how steep it was as it was only 3km in distance. After a half hour at the top enjoying the view, we then descended in just over an hour. It was another enjoyable afternoon.

Now the drive home for my yummy oysters. And they were delicious. Some of the best oysters I have ever eaten.

Tomorrow we head home via the coast road.