World Titles Day 1 – Riccione, Italy – Day 4

Saturday 24th September 2022
World Surf Lifesaving Titles – Individual Day

Well today we woke in the dark to get ready for the World Surf Lifesaving Titles for individual race day. The morning was cool, I was a little healthier but still have a nasty cough. We headed over to the beach at about 6.45am to watch the most gorgeous sunrise with the flattest surf conditions possible. What a shame, it would have been lovely to have at least yesterday’s little wave. We headed in to have a warm up on both the board and ski, testing the shallows and working out strategies. The ski felt a little better today.

After lots of the usual procrastination, they changed the areas. All the girls were in one area now which was disappointing because it meant I was in the area on my own instead of being in the same area with David, Doggy, Mark, Smithy and Nick. David was also in the area next to me but he was on his own as well. The rest of the boys were all together. I miss the camaraderie of sharing the races with everyone. We did all try to watch as much as possible but when you are in different areas it becomes difficult.

We got started an hour late at 9am.

First race for me was the ski and I happily came 9th in the final out of a field of 13. I then sat out the swim race although it was ideal conditions for me, I didn’t want to push too hard. Next race was the board where I had a great start and was ahead for the first 15-20m, then Alison caught me. I sat on her shoulder wash 2/3 of the way out to the first can and then she lost me. Another girl passed me around the cans. I was in 4th place and held that to the beach. After a long break we then had the Ironwoman race. The order was Ski, Swim, Board. I started out okay on the ski and came out in 7th place, I held my own and didn’t lose any placings in the swim which is very unusual and then the girl in front of me headed out past the turning buoy on the board, I tried to call her to let her know but she didn’t hear me. This mistake put me in 6th which I held to the end. I was really happy with this result considering how sick I have been the last 8 days. David said he thinks I would have been 50m ahead of where I finished in the iron race had I had a better preparation. All good though, I was just happy to get the opportunity to race. I might be sorry tomorrow but that’s ok.

David’s first race was the Board Rescue, he and Doggy paddled home well and they just missed out on the Gold, finishing 2nd by a whisker. Then David had his swim race which was very close and he came in 5th. Next was the board race and he was in first place all the way till just before the end when Chappo from Kurrawa pipped him at the post. Then in the ironman David didn’t get a great start on the ski and he played catch up the whole way finishing in 6th place. Sorry for the scant details on David’s races but I only briefly saw some of them as I was racing at the same time and he is suffering from a little bit of sunstroke tonight and has been sleeping. So I will fill you in with more details tomorrow.