Riccione, Italy – Day 3

Friday 23rd September 2022
Today we woke to lovely clear blue skies and a nice temperature. I was feeling the best I have felt in over a week. It is the first morning I haven’t had a blocked nose, I am still not 100% but I am definitely improving. After a restful morning we headed out in shorts and t-shirts to organise our hired craft and headed down to the beach. We had a couple of Kracka boards and new Vanquish ski to try. The skis were a little different to what we are use and took a bit of practice to get used to them. After a little while we were all managing them quite well. The conditions were a little challenging with a couple of cross angled swells coming from different directions, making coming in on the wave or runner tricky. With a little practice it got easier and it was good to have a play around on both the ski and the board today in preparation for tomorrow’s competition. It was lovely to get out in the water and do a little activity.

We then headed back home to the cabins and had a team lunch on our balcony. It was a lovely time shared with friends. After some more craft organisation we had a restful afternoon. Then followed by a lovely dinner across the road. David and I have taken to sharing a pizza and another meal, which tonight was Seafood Spaghetti, giving us the best of both worlds. Tonight’s pizza Cappricciosa was really yummy as was the spaghetti.

After a reasonably early dinner, we headed home to prepare for the carnival tomorrow. Hopefully I wake up a little more improved and can actually race. Fingers crossed.

Hoping everyone is well at home and you haven’t been washed away in the rain again.