Alligator Gorge – Mt Remarkable National Park, SA

Tuesday 17th May 2022
Well today we intended starting our walk early so we would be finished by lunch time so David could work this afternoon. Yet again, it was an epic fail.

We drove to the start of our walk in the Mt Remarkable National Park which was 31km as the crow flies but to drive there, it was actually 80km and took over an hour. In hindsight, we should have booked a cabin at Wilmington. Oh well, you live and learn, or not. Hehehe!

Start time – midday, not quite the 9am we were anticipating.

Today’s hike, another training run to see how we back up day to day on there trail, was a 10km hike through Alligator Gorge, The Narrows, along the ring Route and The Terraces. It consisted of 250 steps down into the gorge where we chose to go clockwise through the Narrows first. This was a gorge a couple of metres wide which stretches for several hundred metres. It was magnificent orange/red sheer rock faces with a rocky creek bed underfoot. You then hiked out on to a fire trail which went continuously up for over 3.5km with an elevation gain of over 270m. The terrain of the fire trail made this quite an easy climb albeit continuous. We then headed back along a single trail down into Alligator Gorge, through the Terraces which are a series of platforms which the creek flows down. Then back up the 250 steps to the carpark. We then went to the Gorge lookout and the Ali lookout. Each of these didn’t show the enormity of the gorge but they were a picturesque view all the same. Our total hike time was about 3.5 hours. Sadly, we have not seen many birds or wildlife so far this holiday.

We then headed back home via the Horrock’s Pass which is a winding road through the most beautiful countryside. Unfortunately the day was slowly coming to an end and David true to form would be starting his working day after dinner. Fortunately for me, we had a lovely day.

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