Pinnarendi Station, Forty Mile to Port Douglas, QLD

Friday 10th September 2021
Last night was the best night’s sleep I have had in ages, might have something to do with the altitude, we were up at 750m, the temperature was 14°C overnight and we were on a quiet, peaceful station. Yeehah! We started the day with a yummy breakfast at Pinnaderri Station cooked by Nadine, then we were on our way again.
Today we are headed to Port Douglas but not before we do a little exploring along the Irvinebank mining trail from Mt Garnet via Mt Misery to Irvinebank. Unfortunately we had only travelled about 20mins along the Coolgarra Rd when we came upon a cattle grid at the entrance to Coolgarra Station with a sign that trespassers will be prosecuted. So turn around we must, we made a couple of phone calls once we drove to somewhere with service but besides someone saying their was a cranky station owner around there, no-one could confirm Coolgarra Rd was still a public road. So we had to find an alternate route. So we did the Silver Valley Rd which took us through beautiful countryside, along very narrow dirt road, up a climb to Mt Misery which was an elevation of over 1000m, with a lovely view. We saw a little bit of wildlife along the way.
After lunch we drove back down from Mt Misery and came out at Irvinebank, then travelled through Mt Surprise, then a quick stop to paddle in the Innot Hot Springs again, then on to Herberton Historic Village.
We arrived at Herberton at about 2pm which meant we only had three hours before the Historic Village closed and some people had told us you needed three days to explore here. Your ticket ($32 each) allows admission for three consecutive days but we really only had 3 hours, if we need to we will drive back the two hours from Port Douglas on Sunday. So off we go in to the village. It was a lovely look back in time, seeing so many things we remember from when we were small children, games like Ludo, golliwogs, rocking horses and many, many other things. If we were 20 years older it would have held a lot more interest for us but none-the-less we had a great few hours exploring the village.
We left on closing at 5pm and then started the long drive via Mareeba to Port Douglas. It was a miserable drive as it had started raining, plus darkness fell and then we had the very, very winding road to follow down to Mossman. David did great as There is no way I wanted to do any of this driving. I am so lucky David loves driving. We arrived at Port Douglas at about 7pm and we enjoyed a nice dinner at Siam Thai. We are now at our home again in Port Douglas (The Oaks Resort) as David has his second Covid injection tomorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Historic Village Herberton
A visit to the Historic Village Herberton is like stepping back in time. Showcasing Australia’s rich and diverse history this outdoor pioneer museum is testament to an era that is long gone. Open year round to visitors, the Village collects, preserves and displays fascinating historical exhibits from across Australia. The history of this museum is also closely tied with the township of Herberton and features many priceless antiques as well as buildings that have come from the town’s ancestors.