Cooktown, QLD – Day 1

Thursday 29th July, 2021
Well, we are slowing down for a couple of days, a bit of rest, a bit of Olympics and a bit of sightseeing. Day one in Cooktown, we started the day with a quick hike up Mt Cook, 431m elevation over 2.5km, then 2.5km back down over a 431m descent. It was a tough 1.5 hrs up. I am struggling a little with the ups at the moment but as we headed down I realised why. It was a continuous up fro the start to the finish. The first 1km was gradual and the next 1.5km was steep, steep, steep. We stopped at a couple of lookouts along the way, one looking over Cooktown, the second over Quarantine Bay and the final lookout out from Quarantine Bay to Annan River and Walker Bay to Grave Point. It was a beautiful view. The initial part of the walk was through open eucalypt woodland and the upper section through rainforest but a much drier rainforest than down on the Cassowary Coast. It was very beautiful. The way down was only about an hour 10mins but was a little technical on the steep section.

We then headed home for lunch, Olympics and a rest. Yay!!

Late this afternoon we went to Grassy Hill to the lighthouse which offered 360° views of Cooktown and the Coral Sea. It was a lovely view. Then we went for a walk along the waterfront of the town. We enjoyed the afternoon breeze and saw the James Cook statue, Mick the Miner statue and just enjoyed a peaceful walk along the way, watching the sunset before heading home.

Day one done and dusted. We have extended our stay here until Sunday, not a lot to do and see but time to relax a little.