Cooyoyo Camp to Long Gully Camp, Budawang National Park

Tuesday 1st June 2021
After another cold night it was time to pack up and make our way out as we knew it would take us almost as long to go downhill 7km as it did to go up on the first day. And we still had a 5 hour drive home.

What a descent – it was tough to have our heavy packs on, albeit a couple of kilos lighter for having eaten most of our food. We still had the same challenges on the way down as on the way up, rocks to climb over, down and through, trees to negotiate, cliff edges, wrong turns, and the general steep steps down, always a little harder on your body than the steps up. We all kept going and going and going. Four hours later we made it back to the car. We were very happy hikers, thrilled with our achievements over the last 4 days.

After getting back in the car, we decided to share one last gourmet meal (Haloumi, sweet potato, turkey rissoles and peperonata sauce) at the Forestry Campground just up the road. Yummy!. It was a great idea as by this stage it was 2pm and we still had a long drive home. We though we would get on the road by 3pm but we finally got away about 3.45. Fully satisfied and ready to talk all the way home about this adventure and the next. What a great long weekend shared with great friends in the most amazing National Park.

Hope you enjoy our adventure!