Hanmer Springs to Picton

Friday 28th April
On my little run this morning through Hanmer Springs it was amazing to see all the new development. From what I remember as a small village the township has spread its wings in all directions. Construction of houses everywhere. We then started on our way to Picton, the day started at 9am with sun shining and 22°, by 9.45 in was 15° and by 9.51 it was 12° and raining. The roadworks on the way was continuous. Workers everywhere trying to keep the road in shape as it was the only road to the north east now that the SH1 was closed.

The plan today was to do a short hike at Murchison but the weather was not lending us to that idea. As we got closer the rain eased a little and we decided to go anyway and trial our new wet weather pants. So off we went for a hike up the Skyline Track 3.2km return with an ascent of 230m through a lovely little rainforest. A shame about the weather as when we reached the top all we could see was fog. Doesn’t really matter it was just good to get the hiking legs out of mothballs and give them a stretch before our big hike starting tomorrow. It was also lovely to be out in the fresh air.

We then headed through Blenheim, I have never seen so many vineyards, grapes, grapes and more grapes. They were also at all different stages of growth which made me think the climate was okay for them to grow them all year round. Wish i liked wine, we could have done a little wine tasting on the way through.

Then off to the shops to organise food for our hike. We are all booked and ready to go on our 4 day hike on the Queen Charlotte Track. One bag, an esky and 2 day packs. We will have to improve on that when we don’t have any facilities. Might have to start with an overnight hike first before we build up to a multi day hike and learn to cull our gear a bit more. Wish us luck, the adventure starts tomorrow..