Wilderswil – Bern Highlands Switzerland

Sunday 20th November 2022
Today David had planned a big hike so we were up and on our way about 9ish. Not too early because with it 0°C overnight and only just 3°C at this time we had to be careful of the ice/snow but also aware of not starting too late. So off we headed from our elevation of about 650m above sea level at Wilderswil to Grindelwald at 1050m. As we went the temperature outside kept dropping until it was 1.5°· on our arrival. The plan was to catch a cable car from Grindelwald Grand to Mannlichen at 2200m and walk to Kleine Scheidegg 2061m on the Panoramaweg which when he researched last night the hiking trail was open. Unfortunately when we arrived at the station the cable car to Mannlichen was closed and so was the trail. We would have still done the hike both ways if just the cable car was closed but it was not to be today. We could have caught the train to Kleine Scheidegg and hiked on the only open trail for about 45mins up to Eigergletscher 2333m but it was a touch expensive for such a short walk 64CHF each so about 200AUD. I was also a little apprehensive about snow as I forgot to bring Benny’s pole. Then the fallback plan to Schynige Platte for about a 4-5 hour hike, the train for this was also closed. David was very disappointed as he had spent so much time researching and all plans failed.

So instead we enjoyed a drive around the Brienzersee (Lake) near Interlaken. This was a beautiful drive mostly on the lake’s edge with narrow roads, beautiful views and amazing snow-capped mountain peaks in every direction. It was a beautiful afternoon. Unfortunately no walking today but maybe tomorrow. The temperature once we came back to lake level was about 6°C which was quite pleasant in the sunshine and a bit fresh in the shade. We are feeling pretty happy as we have still avoided rain so far. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. The forecast is for a little snow here overnight.