Zagreb Croatia to Chemnitz Germany

Thursday 10th November 2022
Well it is time to head to Benny in Chemnitz today. I am really looking forward to seeing him again. It will be a very long day, we are travelling all the way to Dresden on one bus and then a train from there to Ben in Chemnitz. Total time on the bus is from 8.35am until 9pm.

Zagreb – Maribor, Slovenia – Vienna, Austria – Prague, Czech Republic – Dresden to  Chemnitz Germany.

It was a very pleasant day. We were pretty comfortable, had our food, book and laptops. So we just sailed through the day. We had a couple of stops at borders where there was different protocol at each one. The first being crossing from Croatia to Slovenia. We all hopped out of the bus on the Croatian side of the border (a white line), showed our passports to a policeman in a booth, who stamped the passport, then we walked over the line and waited for the rest of the passengers to do the same. The bus then drove over the same line and we climbed back on. The bus driver then drove 100m, we all climbed out again and did exactly the same thing for our entry in to Slovenia. Lined up, police stamped our passport and then climbed back upon the bus. As we exited Slovenia a police got on the, asked us to hold up our passport so they could see everyone had one and that was it. At the Austrian, Czech and German borders we just drove straight through without stopping. We enjoyed some lovely scenery and a very restful day. I did a lot of reading and David did a lot of sleeping.

We arrived at Dresden a little late but with enough time to catch the 9.52pm train from Dresden to Chemnitz. Masks are still required on German public transport, so we put these on for the next hour and a bit to Ben. He met us at the station at about 11pm and we walked  about a km to his home. We had a chat for a bit, then went off to bed for a wonderful sleep.

It was a very big day and we are really looking forward to spending some time with Benny.