Milan, Italy

Tuesday 20th September 2022
Well, not much sleep for me last night. Maybe 2 or 3 hours. I tossed and turned, coughed and spluttered, and felt very ordinary. Oh well. Today is another day. I am going to rest up today and hopefully will feel a bit better tomorrow. I have taken so much Panadol in the last 36 hours, enough to sink a ship. Looks like we may have to come back to Milan for some sightseeing.

David is still well, so the mask and separate sleeping arrangements are working. I have sent David out for some groceries, some more Panadol, echinacea and tissues. Hopefully, he makes it back today but only time will tell. One thing with being in Italy, he won’t be able to start up a conversation with anyone. Hehehe! He was back within the hour, realising he needs to learn some Italian words. He only succeeded with some of the food and will go out again later to the Farmacia.

After lunch, David had great success at the Pharmacy. Fingers crossed all the tinctures work as I am still feeling pretty lousy.

David headed out for a swim at the local pool this afternoon but unfortunately it wasn’t open. I have been in Italy almost 24 hours and haven’t had a gelato. That must be a record.

So a big day of rest for me. Hopefully I will feel a lot better in the morning. a little exploration fir David and hopefully he is still well tomorrow,

Oh and by the way. I didn’t last 24 hours. I had a gelato from Aldi before dinner. /yeehah!