Chinchilla to Aratula, Scenic Rim QLD

Thursday 7 July 2022
The weather loomed gloomy again this morning so we just headed on our way from Chinchilla going south east. After a couple of hours we arrived at Toowoomba where we had another swim. This time at the Milne By Aquatic Centre Indoor 25m heated pool. Thankfully only heated to about 28°. Yay. We managed a good session and then headed on our way again. David isn’t much liking the increased traffic. We kept headed SE towards our destination tomorrow where we meet the kids. It was an average day weather wise. Not the sunny day we were led to believe was on the way. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow. The last 45mins we drove through the Scenic Rim area and the Main Range National Park, it was very scenic. We love being back in thew mountains again. We were going to go for a walk but rain was imminent again and it was pretty cold so instead we just headed to tonight’s accommodation. We are sneaking in another motel tonight as we will be camping for the next 10 days after tonight. We are looking forward to meeting up with Kristen, Matt and grandkids tomorrow.

We have 2 nights at Bigriggen Park and then 5 nights at Sandstone Point Caravan Park. Then a couple of days on the way home. We anticipate being home around 18th July.

Maybe one more blog tomorrow night, maybe not. We will see what develops. See you all soon. xxx