Cairns, QLD – Day 3

Wednesday 22nd September 2021
Today we are having a rest day. After a slow start we headed in to town for a swim. Apparently they had the price wrong the other day as it was $6.10 for just me today. The day was warm but very very windy. After my swim we headed to the foreshore for lunch. On our arrival David saw three jabiru in the distance in the muddy foreshore, so we headed to enjoy their presence as they are not a common sight to see. They were a long way in the distance but we managed to enjoy watching them and got a couple of okay pictures. It would be great to see them again up close but at least we have seen them. We then headed to the shops to try and get DB some flippers for our trip to Green Island on Friday. We went in at one end and found part of the shopping centre barricaded off. We were concerned that someone had been there with Covid and they were deep-cleaning it but the sales guy at Rebel told us there had been a murder there at 8am this morning. That seemed quite surreal and the guy said it was difficult for all the staff to continue at work today but they only cordoned one section of the centre off for forensic stuff. The guy was been apprehended this morning.  We then headed out of the city and did a little more shopping out of town.

Not much else to report. Hope you are all keeping safe and sound. Love Fiona and David.

A little bit of information as to why the jabiru is now called the black-necked stork.
“The Black-necked Stork is the only stork found in Australia. With black and white body plumage, glossy dark green and purple neck and massive black bill, it is easily identified from all other Australian birds. The legs are long and coral-red in colour. The female is distinguished by its yellow eye. Immature birds resemble adults, but the black plumage is replaced by brown and the white plumage is duskier. This species has also been called the Jabiru but was renamed because a bird in Central and South America had a prior claim to the name. At two metres tall it is an impressive sight on land and in the air.”