Georgetown to Cobbold Gorge, QLD – Day 1 and 2

Tuesday 7th September 2021
Lovely morning. A quick runaround the township of Georgetown. A swim in the free local council pool. It was only about 18m long but was worth a dip to tick the arms over. It was very foreign. We haven’t done laps for a couple of weeks. Then off we drove to Cobbold Gorge. About 90km south of Georgetown on mostly dirty road with lovely scenery and a few hills in the distance. We arrive at Cobbold Gorge about 12, check-in, choose our unpowered campsite and then have some lunch. It is very warm so we just relax chasing the shade until about 4.30pm when we go for a walk to Russell’s Lookout, a 5km return walk. It is a nice walk and thankfully it has cooled down and there is a lovely breeze. We reach the top and enjoy the view for 30 mins or so, then head back down as the light fades. It was a lovely walk. We then enjoy a nice meal in the open air restaurant. All in all, we have had a lovely relaxing day. We are very grateful most nights there is a breeze to keep us cool.

Wednesday 8th September 2021
Today we went for a walk around the Cobbold Gorge property on the Dell’s and Diggers Tracks. They were along the river and had there been any water in the river I am sure sit would have looked a lot better. So it was up to our imagination a little but it was a little exercise for the morning. Then after lunch we went on our Cobbold Gorge Tour – the first section of the tour involved a little chat  explaining about the history of the property and then on to the present. We did the hike and plant part of the tour first, seeing many interesting plants, some edible, some not, some poisonous, some with soft leaves, others course like sandpaper, some that smelled like liquorice and others like disinfectant. It was very interesting. We then hiked up over the gorge and walk out on the glass bridge. This was built with a grant from the Queensland Government to promote tourism in the North West. It was strange to walk out and look down in the gorge underneath you but the bridge in my opinion was a little out of place. We then walked down behind the gorge for the boat part of the tour. This was on a battery powered boat, so was noiseless. The gorge was very narrow and quite impressive. It was a little difficult to get photos as we were in the centre of the boat but we managed a couple of okay ones. We are looking forward to the stand-up paddle board tour in the morning where we will hopefully manage some better images. Anyway we had another lovely day in Queensland. David has had another fun day learning to operate our new camera and as you will see in the photos he has improved immensely. Today he saw egrets, yellow honey-eater, bower bird, apostlebirds, black cockatoos, rainbow rosellas, magpies and a red-winged parrot and its baby.