Chemnitz, Germany

Saturday 30th November, 2019 – Part One
Another lovely day. A slight dusting of snow overnight. Just for me! It is very, very cold.

Today I have to pack. Eekkk! Will it all fit in and will it weigh too much. Thankfully Lisa took some stuff for me with her as I would definitely have been overweight.

After a little bit of organising, I set off to meet Benny to buy his washing machine. Then we had lunch at the Christmas Markets again. Then on our way home we passed the Chemnitz Parade. All the villages in the surrounding area parade passed the Opera House to the City Centre. Another great experience.

Then home again to pack in it’s entirety as we have the Premiere tonight, the function afterwards and then we have to leave at 6.45am tomorrow for the train from Chemnitz to Prague via Dresden. Finally done. Dinner done and getting ready to go out shortly to the Premiere of The Nutcracker. Really looking forward to tonight.