Saijo, Shikoku to Miyazaki, Kyushu, Japan

Friday 31st May 2024
Today we have had huge day driving from Saijo on Shikoku Island via six or seven islands to Miyazaki on Kyushu. It took 10 hours 11 mins to travel 697km. A very slow drive. We travelled on the expressway most of the day at a cost of about 15,500Y in tolls. The maximum speed travelled was 80kmh but most of the time it was only 70. We drove over bridges on a bit of an island hop, passed port towns with lots of industry, along the coast, through farmland and rice paddies, forests and had many roadside pitstops. It was a long day but a successful one. We are as far south as we will go this trip and will spend the next 4 days heading north towards the airport.

I contributed to the drive today with about 230km on the expressway plus an additional 20km because I missed the exit, which in turn meant I had to drive in to the city of Miyazaki at 6pm. Week! I survived.

A couple of comments from David were entertaining today
– I wish the driver assist let you take your hands off the wheel for more than 15 secs, I could close my eyes for a bit.
– With 127 million people, there are not many cars on the expressway, the people are all in the cities or on a train.
– The Interchange/Junctions are just overpass bridges with many levels.

Transport comparison for today’s trip from Saijo Shikoku to Miyazaki Kyushu
Public transport 24,360Y each (total 48,720Y) in 8:51 hours.
Car 10,000Y a day, plus 5,000Y petrol and 15,630Y tolls (total 30,630Y) and 9:11 hours 704km

We have a little mother in the car that has some interesting tips along the drive. She is very consistent. Some of her words of wisdom are:-
– Its been 2 hours since you started driving why don’t you have a break.
– Abrupt steering detected, Please drive carefully.
– Over speed detected. Please drive safely
– Merging traffic ahead from the left. Drive carefully
– Sudden deceleration detected. Please drive safely.