Chemnitz Germany to Prague Czech Republic

Sunday 11th December 2022
Well it is time to leave Benny’s today and head to our final destination before we catch the plane home. I have been awake since 4am because I couldn’t sleep. I caught up with my blog and some Facebook posts whilst everyone else slept. When we all got up this morning it was still lightly snowing and it looks like it has been snowing all night because there is a heavy blanket of snow everywhere. After breakfast we finished packing and Benny walked us to the bus stop. It was a little difficult as the snow was quite thick but I had it easy as Benny looked after my wheelie bag. The city is very pretty and I was trigger happy on the camera, as we haven’t really experienced snow very much. I think Benny thought I was a bit nutty but it was very pretty. The temperature was -5°C this morning as we waited for our flixbus. Once again a very cheap form of travel. It was a total of 27.32 euro for the two of us to travel 3 hrs from Chemnitz to Prague and that included the extra for premium front seats in the bus. What bargain.

Well we sadly said goodbye to Benny and were on our way at 10am. Benny headed off to work as he has two Nutcracker shows today. One at 2pm and the other at 7pm. Sao really big day for him. As we head towards Dresden there is heavy snow cover all the way. Then as we are halfway between Dresden and Prague, about 2 hours from Benny the sun comes out and there is no snow. Half an hour late the sky clouds over and there is a light snow fall but when we arrive in Prague there is no snow at all, although it is forecast for 2cm overnight, Lets see what develops.

We arrive at Florenc Bus Station right on time at 1.10pm, after heading inside the terminal where it was warm to work out the way to our hotel, we decide to walk the 2.3km. we forgot how much of Prague was on cobblestone so the walk was hindered a little but was pleasant all the same. Our little hotel is very nice, I tried tolerant a couple of Czech words before we checked in but was greeted by the receptionist with a hello, so promptly forgot them all. I will try again for tomorrow morning. After going up to our room we have a rest for about 20mins and then head out for a late lunch. We walked via the river and Charles Bridge to a place called Bageterie Boulevard and had a very expensive beef roll, small soup, small wedges, Pepsi and a coffee (347CZK – about 22.44AUD) and it was only pretty average. We then walked to the Old Town with its Christmas markets. The lights and the Christmas tree were spectacular amongst the most beautiful old buildings. It was a fantastic setting. We meandered through all the stalls and were amazed at the crowds here. It was like everyone was out and about tonight.

We continued walking looking in all the stalls and then shops as well at all the different souvenirs available. On the way home via the edge of the New City and Wenceslas Square we have some dinner at Vapiano – an Italian style restaurant that cooks for you as you order and wait for it at the counter. You get to watch them cook your dinner. It was quite nice although I made a bad choice. It was a big walk, although it was only 5km we were out and about for about 5 hours. We are both exhausted and by the time we made it home it was -4° and we were pretty cold. I have enjoyed a lovely warm bath and am feeling very weary now.

Not long to go now and we will be on the plane home.