Chemnitz Germany – Day 3

Friday 9th December 2022
Today it doesn’t feel so cold, it is 3°C. Amazing how quickly you adjust to new climates although I don’t know that we could live here full time but it is lovely to experience life here with Ben at this time of year. We enjoyed a swim in the lovely heated pool again today. We met Benny after work at 6pm and went to the Christmas markets. The atmosphere at night was fantastic, there were many more people and the music and lights was so beautiful. The weather felt balmy compared to the raining, windy day we went before. We enjoyed Gluwein for Benny, Kinderpunch (warm cranberry or raspberry juice) for David and Heiss (Hot) Schokolade for me. I had to help DB with the punch as it is sickly sweet. We then walked around the market stalls and enjoyed some more market food for dinner. Benny an rissole role, DB a curry wurst sausage on a roll, and we all shared rice, herb potatoes and mushrooms. Dessert was a Nutella crepe. We met Sascha and Constantine for a Gluwein and another hot chocolate. It was lovely to have a chat with Benny’s work colleague and friend. We then headed home as we were now a little cold from standing in the one spot in the cold, as long as you keep moving you don’t feel the cold so much. We headed home for a game of scrabble which Ben won 188, to DB 187 and me the loser. Oh well. It was a very nice evening. Not long to go and we will be on our way home.