Chemnitz Germany – Day 2

Thursday 8th December 2022
We woke to another day of 0-2° today. It is so cold, although the day looks a bit brighter today. Benny has a big day of work today 10am-10pm so we are planning a rest, a little exercise and a quiet day. After doing a little computer work, booking accommodation for Prague on Sunday and enjoying breakfast in bed. We headed out for a walk at about 2pm. It was very cold. We walked to the Botanical Gardens via Kuchwald Forest (8km loop). The gardens had many flowerbeds that were being replanted or the flowers had died. We spent a little time in the warm greenhouses, looking at the tropical plants and some turtles. They also had some bird cages and farm animals. After a quick visit we headed back home to Benny’s as he was given an unexpected break and was now home for an early dinner. This was lovely as I got to spend a little time with him today.

We gave him his Christmas presents, as we have only a little time with him now before we head home via Prague on Sunday. It was a lovely quiet day.

Tonight’s forecast is for some snow and a low of -1° tonight and another high of 2°C tomorrow. Eekkk!!!