Lucerne Emmetten, Switzerland

After our stressful check-in due to lack of internet we had a lovely dinner and the hotel staff were very friendly and helpful. We chose a bushwalk close by Lucerne. It was a 4 hour walk up to 2200m above sea level. Starting height was 500m. We set off about 11.30am with the last train down at 4.25pm. We could have caught the train up to the top and then back down at a cost of 68 swiss francs each (about 83AUD). A bit much for DBs wallet so up we went on foot. This was our preferred option anyway. We went up and up and up and up. It was a very picturesque walk. We went along switchback after switchback after switchback for 1hr 40mins when we reached the halfway mark of Amsigen (elevation 1300m). Decision time. Catch the train up to the top or keep walking. As I had a headache at about 1200m and the 2nd half of that walk was quite steep and I was puffing a bit, DB was a bit concerned about walking all the way and we still weren’t sure if snow was going to stop us making the top. The train arrived at the same time as we did which gave us about 5 mins to make the decision. Not good for us. Pros and cons for the Libran 1. Catching train would get us on the road sooner. 2. Less effort. 3. Not completing the days challenge. DB left the decision up to me. So I let the train go. Onwards and upwards for another 2 hours. Hopefully a bit less. The track continued up and up, switchback after switchback. It was still beautiful scenery and as challenging as the first half. I slowed down a little with the emphasis on enjoying the rest of the walk rather than DBs preferred “Let’s beat the estimated time”. It was a great walk and we did the 2nd half in 1hr 45mins. There was only about 50m that was on a decline over the entire walk. We reached the top in just under 3.5hrs. So we walked in distance ??? kms and 1700m in elevation. A very tough walk. There was snow on the edge of the track from Amsigen to Pilatus-Kulm (the top) but it didn’t impede our walking. As we arrived at the top some hang gliders were just taking off so we watched them for a while as they took off and travelled around the corner which was really cool. We had a late, expensive lunch and then walked up to the lookout/peak. Unfortunately the mist and clouds had rolled in and photos weren’t as good but we didn’t really care as we had looked at it for the last few hours as we walked. We the caught the train down at 34 swiss francs each. Much better on the wallet for DB. Hehehehe! And hopefully worked off a bit of the spare tyre we are both carrying around our middles! Hahahahaha!

The train (the steepest train in the world, so they claim) took about 30mins and the view was nowhere near as good as the walk. Time to drive on, we headed west towards Paris and had to wait till we reached France to use the internet to book our room for tonight. Once we were in France it took about 30mins to get it working so we booked a bed (our latest time yet) at 8.15pm. As we needed a late check-in we had to change our chosen route to accommodate this. Luckily we don’t have to sleep in the car. ETA at hotel 10pm with a Service Station dinner again.



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