Innsbruck Austria to Lucerne Switzerland

We had a travel day today. Headed in the direction of Switzerland via Lichtenstein. Two border crossings and another toll sticker (Austria 8.50 euro for 10 days, Switzerland 40 euro set price for a year even though we will only be here for 2 days, France and Italy both had tolls per toll way). We went through the border crossing to Lichtenstein and the dude in the office beside the road nodded his head. I told DB that so he just drove straight through then I said “Maybe we should have stopped”. A bit late now, so we just kept going. There wasn’t even a crossing into Switzerland. The mountain scenery was amazing. We passed by sheer cliffs, high snow-capped mountains and lakes. It was a lovely drive. We went through a 10km mountain tunnel that cost 9 euro. Arrived in Lucerne to WiFi issues, no connection, unable to book hotel or find out about internet. What will we do. DB is inside museum trying to fix it presently, otherwise it will be a very cold night in the car. We managed to book hotel using Museum wifi, on investigation once we arrived at our guesthouse, Switzerland doesn’t belong to EU so data bundle we bought doesn’t work so it burnt our phone credit at the rate of 4 euro per MB.

I have started writing DB classic quotes (DBCQ) as he makes me laugh with at least one each day.

DBCQ1: I think I need snow tyres. This was said after we left a service station that had frozen ice puddles and turned off the motorway to streets lined with snow heading up the mountain.

DBCQ2: What does that say? Or What does that mean? (about nearly every street sign written in German since we arrived in Austria). Like I can read it!


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