Jindabyne to Pambula and Merimbula, NSW

Friday 12th February 2021
We had a lovely drive today as usual along roads less travelled from Jindabyne to Merimbula.  We drove through some rain but all in all it was a lovely drive. We arrived at Pambula river mouth and decided to book some accommodation for the night. Unfortunately this was wrought with troubles as Daniel Andrews had just announced the Victorian border would be closed and Victorians were entering a strict 5 day lockdown due to another Covid 19 outbreak. The accommodation was going quicker than I could click the button. We eventually managed on our 3rd attempt to secure somewhere at Merimbula for the night. After checking in we decided to extend our stay as the accommodation had pretty much dried up in the last hour. We luckily could secure the room we were in for a 2nd night.

Then off we go to catch some waves at the Pambula river mouth. This was a very tricky paddle in very windy, conditions. I managed to stay on but definitely struggled with the conditions, sometimes holding on with my legs straddling the ski and catching the wave sideways. We caught waves for about 45mins and as the last wave I almost fell off out the back in the fading light, I decided that was enough for the day. It was great to have survived the paddle without losing my ski.

We then decided to have dinner out before the Victorians arrived. We went to the Merimbula Wharf Restaurant and Aquarium. Dinner was nice but we were a little disappointed as our chosen meals from the menu online weren’t on the menu. DB had fish and chips and I had a seafood linguine. We finished with a yummy raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake to share.