Chemnitz – The Nutcracker Premiere

Saturday 30th November, 2019 – Part Two
Ready for the big premiere tonight. A quick pot of pumpkin soup for dinner and then off I went. A lovely brisk walk along Bruhl Boulevarde to the Theatre. I am really looking forward to seeing the Premiere.

Well It was amazing. Benny was stupendous, the rest of his friends and colleagues were also amazing. I really loved it. Following the show we went to the function which was great except I didn’t understand any of it. Then downstairs to the canteen to have a drink with his friends. We ended up getting home at about 1am and then I finalised the last of my things and hopped in to bed at about 1.30pm. Unfortunately sleep eluded me. I managed a little from 4.15am to 5.45am when it was time to get up. Oh well bring on the next day or two of travel.

A couple of images below but if you would like to see the full selection go to the two inks below.