Chemnitz, Germany – Week 3

Friday 29th November, 2019 – Part One
What a big day. Swim, Hair, Shop, Markets Cold cold cold!

First stop, my last swim at Stadtbad Chemnitz. It was sooo crowded. About 6-10 people per lane, mostly doing breast stroke. So difficult to pass them. The demographics in this city is quite old or university students. Therefore the swimmers are quite slow as it is unusual for me to need to pass many people at all.

Next stop, the hairdresser. Benny and I had already made an appointment earlier next week for when there was a hairdresser available that spoke English. It was a beautiful experience. Greeted at the desk, seated on the lounge, offered tea or a drink immediately whilst I waited. Then a little discussion on what I wanted done and then a pleasant chat with the hairdresser , her English was quite good. They are always so proud of themselves when you praise them. The hair wash and treatment was a treat, a reclining massage chair in a room with light music and a water screen on the wall. Then to make me beautiful. She did a really good job of my hair and they have made me up a card for next time.

Then a quick shop and home for a little rest before heading out again with Benny this afternoon. We left for the shops at about 3pm as Benny needs to get a new washing machine as it broke in the move.

Thursday 28th November, 2019
A balmy day today 8-11°C, it feels a lot colder as it is a little windy. A bit of painting again today and then off to the theatre tonight to watch the final dress rehearsal before the Premiere on Saturday night. Can’t wait. The dress rehearsal was fantastic. Can’t wait to see it again. Woohoo Benny!

Wednesday 27th November, 2019
A big day for me today. Two coats of paint on Benny’s bathroom, a 2km swim, 8.3km walk, shopping, dinner and a game of Scrabble. Only a couple of more days until the premiere of the Nutcracker. They had a dress rehearsal tonight and I will go and watch another dress rehearsal tomorrow night.

Tuesday 26th November, 2019
Today I am headed to watch the 2nd Act rehearsal. The dancers are just in training clothes and the orchestra will be there. It is a fantastic opportunity to see behind the scenes and how it all comes together. I love it. Then a swim again tonight but not until about 6.30pm as Benny’s split shift starts from 7-10pm tonight. Will I or won’t I. Hopefully I can motivate. A game of scrabble to try and even the score. Yay, after a week and a half of playing scrabble with Ben I am finally back to square one. We are Even. I enjoyed noter 2km swim tonight.

Monday 25th November, 2019
A very cold day, Benny heads off to work at normal time (9am) after a very late night/early morning. I have a rest day at home, a bit of cleaning, a bit of organising. He has a split shift today 10-2 and 6-10. Difficult hours. As it gets dark at 4.15pm I struggle to head back to work with him to go for a swim. It is cold, dark and damp. Not very inviting to go out. I would love to just snuggle under a blanket but as I haven’t really done much today I make the effort to go. After a lovely 2km swim I head to the grocery store and home to cook dinner for a change. Only has to be ready for about 10pm, very late for me but worth the wait. A yummy lasagne and salad.