Baden-Baden, Black Forest to Bacharach, Rhein Valley via Heidelberg Germany

Thursday 7th November 2019
Well time for another big day. After breakfast we went for a brisk walk along Lichtentalerallee, a beautiful tree lined walk along the waterway. It was spectacular with all the autumn colours.

It was then time to move on from Baden-Baden to our next destination. First was to drive 96km on the autobahn, it was very hectic, with trucks passing trucks, passing cars, speeding cars, it was a very high intensity drive. At the end I was physically and mentally drained. There was so much going on at once and you have to be totally aware of where every vehicle is to ensure your safety. We arrived safely in Heidelberg. Phew!

On our arrival we took the new cable car to the Heidelberg Castle. These ruins are quite spectacular. We then took the old cable car to the top for an outstanding view of the city. Back down again to the Castle for a stroll inside and outside. Then back down to the city to visit the market square, Church of the Holy Spirit and the Altebrücke (Old Bridge). That was Heidelberg done and dusted in 2 hours.

Next stop is the Rhein Valley. Lisa drove this time thinking there was only 28km of autobahn, but we were wrong. She had about 80km but luckily the truck activity and traffic was a lot less than this morning. It was still intense as the traffic is travelling at 130kmh and more. We arrived at Bacharach, our home for tonight which is an old medieval town. It is very pretty. We then searched for a place for dinner and found one of only 3 places available for a meal. Everything has closed down for the winter.

Tomorrow is our last touring day before Lisa heads home and I head to Ben’s place.

I apologise for the different spelling of Rhein and Rhine. I can’t decide which to use, their spelling of the word or ours. Each time I write it I have conflicting views as I don’t understand our need to change their spelling but it happens world wide. Over here they spell Australia as Australie.